The Ultimate Bali Water Rafting Adventure Truly memorable & fantastic bali rafting tour Amazing scenery around the river and you can even paddle under some small waterfalls that you will find along the way. Bali White Water RaftingBali White Water RaftingBest Bali RaftingBali Water RaftingQuality & Eassy access rafting

Fun, friendly and professional guides and staffs

Very essy access for your choice in having fun of outdoor water activitie

Explore 3 hours of beuatiful tropical rainforest of Telaga Waja River

One of the longest river in Bali

Bali rafting tour is very accommodating and flexible

Telaga Waja River had tons of rapids and kept us entertained and having a ton of fun the whole time!!!

Join us for the most wonderful and memorable bali water rafting experiences

Bali White Water Rafting

The Ultimate Bali Water Rafting Adventure which will give you a unique experience With its unique current (class 3 or even class 4 during wet season), fresh & clean spring water and also beautiful natural surroundings

'Truly memorable & fantastic bali rafting tour'

This activity offers you fabulous experience with about 2 or 3 hours on the river. Lots of adventure with rocky rapids. Amazing scenery around the river and you can even paddle under some small waterfalls that you will find along the way. With beautiful scenery of the rain forest, rice terrace, stone cliffs and water falls.


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USD$ 26/Person

All Including ( Min Booking 2 Person )

Bali Water Rafting Adventure

Unique Bali’s rafting track,through hidden Bali

During the tour, you will be accompanied by experienced instructors that guarantee your safety. Our guide proceeded to give you some instructions on safety and paddling. We were just four people per boat (guide included)

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Unique Bali’s rafting track,through hidden Bali

The start point is located on the tranquil landscape garden with fish pool and rice field surrounding areas and also no stair need to be climbed to get to the river bank, it' just 5 meters walk from the lobby.

Telagawaja RaftingTelagawaja Rafting Adventure

Amazing scenery around the river and you can even paddle under some small waterfalls that you will find along the way.

This route is ‘exclusive’ to us and 18 kms one of the longest rafting track . View our tour itinerary. You can also view our photos collection of rafting .

Bali Water Rafting

The scenery was fantastic! Deep valleys and cascading waterfalls surrounded us as we drifted through the lush forest.

Telagawaja RaftingTelagawaja Rafting Adventure

Bali White Water RaftingBali White Water RaftingBali White Water Rafting

You will get water splash from the water fall and also you will get time to have a break in the middle of the rafting trip. During this break time, you can take your picture with friend and family or if you don't bring your camera, you may ask the photographer that provide by the rafting company.

Bali White Water RaftingBali White Water Rafting

Bali White Water Rafting

Enjoy somewhat strong rapids, where you'll get thrown on your backs in the boat. Have fun by splashing people in the other boats as well as those in your own boat. At one point all the rafts will stop to admire a waterfall and buy drinks from a local vendor. Make sure you have some cash with you.

Bali White Water RaftingBali White Water Rafting

Whether your a couple or group, you will enjoy white water rafting. Intermediate course is easy, beautiful scenery, very relaxing trip.

Bali Water RaftingBali Water Rafting

Bali White Water Rafting

This is a must do while you are in Bali, promising adventurous and unforgettable rafting experience, especially the trademark 5 meter vertical drop down on a dam wall which is the thrill of a lifetime! It's easy enough for first timers and children, but challenging enough for people looking for an exhilarating ride.

Bali White Water RaftingBali White Water Rafting

Bali White Water Rafting

There’s plenty of adventure and river rafting against a picturesque backdrop of dense tropical jungles, towering gorges and magnificent rice paddies is one not to be missed!

White Water Rafting Bali

We offer the highest quality for safety and has chosen the best location to conduct water adventure need more than 2 or 3hours on river. After all that adventure and excitement you will be stop for hot Buffet lunch in a real nice place to hang out and  taste our Bali coffee is included.

Bali White Water RaftingBali White Water Rafting

We had clean showers for those that wanted to shower. After discarding our gear and drying off, we grabbed a seat in the company’s restaurant and treated ourselves to heaping servings of the included buffet lunch.

So leave aside your fears, grab the oars and get ready for the most fun you can have in a raft.

Bali Water Rafting

village hidden pathBali Rafting

Bali RaftingBali Rafting

Bali RaftingBali Rafting

Bali RaftingBali Rafting

Bali RaftingBali Rafting

rice paddies routes

For group booking and details information, please contact us

See more snaps on our photo gallery, find out the detailed itinerary or book now and get ready for the most immersive white water rafting adventure you will never forget.

Included in the rafting tour:

  • Pick up & drop off (return transfer) by A/C van to your hotel in Ubud/Sanur/Kuta/Seminyak/Nusa Dua (other location to be advised)
  • Professionally trained and experience rafting guides
  • Complete safety rafting equipment
  • Water resistant bags are provided for your valuable
  • Discover hidden waterfalls and feel the thrill of the paradise river
  • Explore the beautiful river and exciting rapids
  • Wide space at boat landing point suitable for swimming
  • Complete changing/shower facilities with towels
  • Lunch/meal and Tea/Mineral water
  • JP Insurance with international medical hospital assistance

Some useful tips during the tour:

  • Use White Water Rafting Safety Gear Properly
  • Use The Right Outerwear
  • Hold Paddle The Right Way
  • Always Follow Your River Guide Instructions
  • Don’t Do Rafting Under Influence Of Alcohol
  • Drink Plenty Of Water
  • Help Your Team & Manage Good Team Work
  • Don’t Stand Up On Moving Boat
  • Don’t Wear Jewellery

What they said...

“Unforgettable Experience! Fun, Adventure, Thrill, View...Great trip! Highly Recommended”

We had no time to research much about white water rafting in Ubud. We searched based on price & came to know about BCR. We chose BCR as compared to other rafting companies because this was the cheapest and provided the same service as were others and we decided to go ahead with BCR. We chose the morning slot and started our rafting at 10:30 am. As this was my first rafting experience, I was not sure how it is going to turn out but the entire experience was so amazing!!!! more »

Thomas & Jessica
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

“Crazy fun adventure!”

What a fun and crazy adventure on the river! It took us about 90 minutes to get there with a little bit of crazy driving, but all good. Upon our arrival we were given equipment, instructions and we were feeling a little nervous, but excited. The rocks were probably the scariest obstacles, but our guide was ever so strong and skilful to manoeuvre us around them and over them. It was fun with the other rafts with a lot of jeering and splashing,making it more fun. A great adventure was had and definitely suitable for our 9 and 12 year olds. ... more »

Lara & Family
(Hobart, Australia)

“Incredible experience”

What a great, authentic, valuable and fun experience. Don't be fooled, this activity is a great full day of fun. By the time you arrive do the 2.5 hour (give or take depending on water level) you will be ready to go home for a cool refreshment. You certainly won't leave hungry, there is a hearty buffet waiting for you at the end of your journey. Our guide was great, very clear instructions, good sense of humour and super caring of comfort etc... more »

Gino & Friend.
(Melbourne, Australia)

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Telagawaja River Rafting Ayung River

special offer

Pick-up Times

  Nusa Dua 07 : 15 AM
  Jimbaran 07 : 15 AM
  Kuta 08 : 00 AM
  Seminyak 08 : 15 AM
  Sanur 08 : 30 AM
  Ubud 09 : 00 AM

What to bring

  • Rafting outfit
  • A change of clothes
  • Personal day pack
  • Digital camera/video recorder
  • Personal medicines (if required)
  • Adequate cash for personal expenses

We accept payment

Bali Hai Bike Tour accept credit cards payment

Bali Hai Bike Tour also accept credit cards payment via paypal


Got the best deal through We did the Telagawaja Waja River. The rafting was amazing !! Scenery was beautiful and the water was so refreshing. Nyoman was our guide and taking good care of us. The best part was at the end of the rafting, the raft has to jump 4 meters high !! Plus after that we need to climb almost 300 stairs to reach the restaurant. Now, that what makes us hungry !!


London, UK


Bali rafting tour is very accommodating and flexible. They made the experience memorable, the tour guide/driver was also nice. They adjusted to our needs and schedules. It's just that the Telagawaja River is not that wild, the river rafting experience were so so, rafting for almost 3hrs, I definitely recommend to everyone who loves adventure. This is the longest river in Bali, the water is really clean and clear, along the way don't just focus on rafting and the river, look around you'll see the wild flowers, the falls, the spring waters if your brave enough you can try, listen to the chirping birds.


Tiffany Parker
Sydney, Australia

“Safety Conscious”

Although this tour is a bit more expensive than some of the others I was really impressed with the care taken in regard to the safety of the riders.

There were two guides, one in the front and one in the back, at all times.

The driver went ahead and at any more major road crossing there were TWO employees of the company holding the traffic so it was safe to cross the road.

How impressive is that!

I was by far the oldest bike rider on the trip, I am 57, and although I am quite fit I am not a regular bike rider, but I felt well catered for and looked after.

Thank you for a magic day!


Sidney, Australia

“Fabulous day out”

Absolutely fantastic, staff and raft master could not have been more helpful or nicer. The scenery was unspoilt and beautiful. From pick-up to drop off everything was perfect, relaxing and fun. Thank you to all involved for a truly beautiful, beautiful day out..


Chris Booth
Melbourne, Australia

“A highly recommended rafting tour in Bali”

Great couple of hours of rafting along Telaga Waja River. Not particularly difficult and extremely good fun. Came as part of a large group which made it even more enjoyable when competing with the other guys in our group, especially when our guide also joined in the fun. Definitely recommend.


Casablanca, Morocco

“The best way to enjoy the Bali countryside!”

This is an excellent way to spend a day with three young kids in the Bali country side. Having now done this once, we will do it every time we go to Bali. Well worth the money, the time, the experience. By the end, everyone happy, everyone satisfied, everyone tired.

Family of 5 - mum and dad, oldest boy (8 years), second boy(7 years) and youngest (3 years). A tough audience to satisfy for an entire day.

We booked our day tour with Kadek and the team on line late on a Sunday night (9pm), requesting our trip on Tuesday (just over one day later). Kadek was very responsive, replying on the same Sunday night, emailing back and forth several times to confirm our requirements, timing, pickup, price etc.. By 10pm, we were all confirmed. The paypal payment option made it very convenient.

We bought a full day private tour. The day started with an 8am pickup from our hotel lobby...


“Brilliant day out through the countryside!”

What a way to introduce yourself to Bali. :)

I booked the Bali Hai tour for my family and it was a fantastic activity for us. I thought we would have one guide but we had four or five. The guides answered questions, made us laugh, ensured a safe passage across intersections etc... and helped whenever we needed it.

The tour covers a lot of ground but it is downhill so relatively easy. The scenery ranges from rural rice paddies, small villages, larger towns, rainforest gullies with waterfalls and rivers, bamboo forests, jungle villages, 1000-year-old temples, it is truly wonderful. Relaxing as well as interesting.

My boys are aged 9 and 11 and they had no trouble completing the bike tour. If you do tire out there is a back-up car that follows, in case anyone wants to opt out of the bike ride for a while. They provide two meals on the tour...


Kellie Morle

“Great Value and Amazing Scenery”


Before heading to Bali I researched and found that must of the famous beaches in Bali (Kuta/Seminyak) were not that nice compared to other beaches I had been to, so I really wanted to do something different that was really unique in Bali-and luckily this bike tour was exactly what I was looking for. You get to see what feels like the whole center of the island, including epic volcanos, stunning temples and beautiful bamboo forests, all while on bike. Biking past rice terraces in rural Bali while looking to the left and seeing little Bali villages and ancient temples on my right has to be one of the coolest things I have ever done, and I highly recommend anybody visiting (even if you aren't the most physically fit-most of the tour is downhill) to try this out to see the 'real' and non-touristy Bali...


Jake Evans
Berkeley, California

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