Bakas levi rafting & Bakas Elephant Tour are products of Bakas Aneka Citra Wisata Tirta. The company is situated in Kawan Sub-village, Bakas Village, Banjarangkan District, Klungkung Regency. It was I Nyoman Levi Suwetha, born in Bakas Village, who established Bakas Levi Rafting in 1995. Bakas Levi rafting activities are centered in Melangit river that is still natural. Free from industries, green and has beautiful rocks along its steeps. because the water is always clear and pollution free. It takes 30 minutes from Denpasar to Bakas Levi Rafting by mini bus.


Melangit river has more than thirty rapids with 1 to 4 meters in height. The river turning are sharp, currents are fast and impacts of river walls are challenging that make the adventure more exiting. The adventure will surely relieve your stress and make you fresh. Considering there are a lot of challenging rapids and interesting view a along the river, you will feel that adventure lasts too short.

It takes 5 minutes walk from the parking area to the rafting starting point (riverbank) while the rafting it self last 90 to 120 minutes including a break. from the finishing point to the parking lot, it takes 7 minutes walk in a relatively level land. then you will be escorted to the starting point to shower, have meals and relax prior to returning to your hotel. We here by inform you that will find safari elephant park called Bakas elephant tour at Bakas Levi rafting starting point.

Bakas Levi Rafting Price :

Adult :  US $ 35.00

Children : US $ 30.00

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Bali rafting rates are includes :

  • Air conditioner return transfers
  • Safety equipments, include safety helmets & live jackets
  • Insurance coverage
  • Profesionally trained and experience guides
  • An excelent buffet lunch of afternoon meal
  • Complete shower/changing facilities with towels
  • Water resistant bags are provided for your valuable

What to bring :

  • Change clothes
  • River shoes
  • camera / video
  • Sunscreen, etc.


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