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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make reservation?

Yes, prior reservation is required. We encourage you to book with us as soon as you have fixed your holiday plans. Our website's online booking system will make it easier for you to make a reservation. You can check for availability and price calculation right from the page which will reduce the needs of constant emailings and in turn reduce the usage of your precious time. You will have more time available for another purpose like booking a hotel or planning another activities for your holiday.

As internet connections in Bali are generally not so good and not all accommodations provide wifi access to their customer, we recommend you to make reservation while you are in your country. If you need to reschedule your tour once you get to Bali, you can simply call or text us in case internet connection is unavailable.

If you plan ahead before you go for your holiday, then you don't need to worry about any missed bookings or break up your holiday schedule. Release your worry and focus only on enjoying your holiday ! LET US TAKE CARE OF THE REST.

Note: We highly recommend you to book directly through our website's booking form OR contact us via email OR call/sms our official contact number (+62818359905). We are not responsible for any future problems of reservation made through third parties contacts.

How to book your tour online?

Booking our tour is easy, fast and secure.

Simply click the 'Book Now' on menubar or click 'Book Now' button found within the page. Complete the reservation form. Please ensure your email address is correct and valid because the reservation confirmation will be sent into your email address. Give us your phone number for easier communication. Give us your hotel/villa/accomodation information (your hotel name & address and also the name registered there) for pick-up purpose. Select your tour date and set the number of person who will join the tour. Check your e-mail inbox, look for our confirmation e-mail and follow the instructions in the e-mail. If you cannot find our confirmation e-mail, try checking your junk or spam folder of your e-mail account.

How long does it takes for my booking to be confirmed?

We need less than 6 hours to confirm your booking. If you have not received our email confirmation, be sure to check your spam or junk folder (there could be a probability that our confirmation email was landed there). If still you cannot find it, please email us as soon as possible.

Why With Us?

1. The Best of Trek over within 2 hours fun
2. Wide space at boat landing point suitable for swimming
3. Wide and modern restaurant and parking areas
4. All new international standard rafting equiptment
5. Proffessional river guide with experience over 10 years
6. JP Insurance with international medical hospital assistance
7. Friendly staff

Can I change the tour’s date after booking?

We understand that plans can change and that you may need to reschedule your tour. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation details, including the local operator's telephone number. You can call them directly with any last-minute questions or date-change requests. Please don't forget to mention that you have made your booking with us via our online website booking system. All changes subject to availability.

Do I have to book my hotel first?

No, you don't. You do not have to book any hotel first in order to book our tour. You can inform us about your hotel details later. You can also change your hotel information, just be sure to inform us about it.

Is your tour safe?

Yes, our rafting tour is PERFECTLY safe. SAFETY is of paramount importance to us. it's very safe, there is nothing to worry. Everything is very tolerable, from the raft impact on the rock and the rapids. In one raft will be maximum 6 rafter accompanied by 1 professional rafting guide.

I am travelling alone, can I join your tour?

We run our rafting tour with a minimum of 2 participants. If you are a solo traveller you can still send a request for rafting tour with an exception that we cannot confirm your request right away unless we have already had other parties doing the tour on your requested date. In case we cannot find other parties for you, we will suggest you with another date available for you to join in.

I have a large group of more than 15 people, can you accommodate this group?

We can still accommodate larger group. We highly recommend you to make reservation at least 2 days in advance for this type of group tour. Special price is also available for group booking.

I prefer a private tour, could you arrange for this?

Yes, private tour is available if you prefer to do the tour privately. You will get a private car and driver, also you can go at your own pace after finish rafting. There will be an extra charge for this type of tour, around $35/car, depend on the modification made to the default itinerary.

Do you also accept credit cards payment?

For all our tours paid in Bali we accept cash in IDR (Rupiah), USD (American Dollar), AUD (Australian Dollar) and Euro. Payment can be made directly to your guide at the end of your trip. We also accept major credit cards (Master Cards, Visa, American Express) via PayPal internet payment gateway through our website payment portal. After completing the reservation form, you have an option to complete your payment online via paypal. If you use this option you will then be redirected to PayPal check out page where you can type your credit card/paypal account information and proceed with the payment.

Is deposit needed?

For a group of more than 6 participants, a small amount of deposit will be highly appreciated to secure your booking though we will not insist on it as you can simply complete the payment in cash after the trip. You can directly send us deposit and set the amount to be sent when you are filling the online reservation form and choose PayPal as your payment method. If you do not have PayPal account, please contact us for bank account information and possibility of wire transfer.

What is your cancellation policy?

We request your cooperation to inform us in advance by email if you have to cancel your tour with us. If you need to cancel the tour on the day, please contact directly Agus +(62) 818359905


To ensure we give you the best service possible, Bali Water Rafting recommends reservations for your tour. Please complete the following reservation form, fields marked with an * (asterisk) must be filled for the reservation can be submitted succesfully. If you can not submit the form, please check for any fields marked with red annotation and asterisks, fill or change its value and then try to submit it again.

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Full Payment via Paypal

Clicking the "Submit Reservation" button below will submit your order and take you to a page where you can print out of the voucher with unique ID booking and complete the payment prosess.



Guest Reviews


APRIL, 5, 2016

favorite experiences in Bali.


By far one of my favorite experiences in Bali!! The trail was both beautiful and challenging and the tour guide was very patient - especially considering it was my first time on an ATV. Would definitely recommend this excursion!


MAY, 18, 2016

Adventure ATV ride


The ride is full of adventure, something out of my expectation. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants great fun!

JULY, 12, 2016

Great day out.


A really terrific day out and the staff were only too happy to help you out to ensure you enjoyed the day. We went for the ATV Ride, Underwater walk and the massage at the end. After the ride and walk the massage was so good. Well worth the cost and highly recommend.


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